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7 Facts You Should Know About GoDaddy 0

7 Interesting Facts You Should Know About GoDaddy

  1.  GoDaddy is one of the world’s biggest registrar for domains. It hosts 57+ million domains, making it the biggest web host in the world.
  2. GoDaddy is publicly traded. Thus, you can actually buy GoDaddy shares and stocks at a broker.
  3. This company was going to release commercials, with Danica Patrick pranking Tony Stewart. Unfortunately, those advertisements discontinued as a result of a recent problems. You should probably be able to find some scenes of the advertisement online.
  4. GoDaddy was sued by the studio which filmed “The Expendables 3.” This was a result of the movie’s leak online, causing the studio massive financial losses in the box office. The studio believed GoDaddy helped the leakers of the film in their copyright infringement.
  5. The owner of the shutdown started a website to troll GoDaddy. The troll website was called, catering to people who hated the company. Eventually, GoDaddy bought the website, and deleted it.
  6. Unfortunately, GoDaddy does not provide Chinese domain name extensions (.cn). They did so due to the large quantities of information required for a website qualification.
  7. This company was originally destined for an IPO in 2006. But the application was withdrawn by Bob Parsons back then, for reasons we don’t currently know.

GoDaddy’s Online Presence

GoDaddy’s reputation is mixed. Some love it, and other people hate their existence. Regardless, their existence makes the purchase and ownership of domains a cakewalk. You don’t have to pay much, and with the existence of coupons, you should be a happy customer.

For more information on GoDaddy, you can always…

• Follow them on Twitter. They provide useful information and links to articles on running an online business.
• Follow them on Facebook. There, you’ll get web tools and free webinars to assist you.
• Check them out on Wikipedia. There, you’ll find all the information you need on the company!

GoDaddy Renewal Promotional Codes 0

Welcome. Here, we provide a constantly updated set of GoDaddy promotional codes. We provide any type of code for a multitude of domain names, hosting services, and additional GoDaddy services. At our website, we constantly test the codes, ensuring that they’re valid for use. And we do so to eliminate out-of-date coupons.

On our lists, we make sure to list the 5 best promo codes we find. Following the top 5, we categorize promo codes depending on their effects. For example, you’ll get coupons for…
• Website hosting.
• SSL certification.
• Domain names.

After you check out the promo codes we provide, we recommend you read up more on GoDaddy. Here, we’ll provide some information to help you understand this company better. And we assume this is necessary, after all, it’s one of the world’s biggest domain registrars! Developers can take advantage of Godaddy renewal coupon to easily cut down the development cost.

Using GoDaddy Renewal Promotional Codes.

Most people dread the day renewal emails come in. And we all know those moments. It’s when you get an email from GoDaddy, asking you to pay to keep your domains going.

But with promo codes, those emails are a chance to save a lot of money. By renewing many services at once, you save a ton of cash on a single promo code.

To use promo codes, perform the following steps…

(1) Click the “Renew Now!” Button.
Your renewal email should have a “renew now” orange button. Clicking that will immediately redirect you to GoDaddy’s renewal page. So this’ll save you a lot of steps in execution.

(2) Choose How Long You Want to Renew.
You renewal length can be anything from a single year, to a decade. A while ago, the maximum of 5 years was the limit, but recent ICANN rules have changed that for domain registrars.

So you get 10 years without worrying about renewing again.

Do note that renewal length has nothing to do with rankings. This claim has been debunked before by Google. So renew as far into future as you wish. But do remember that renewing far into the future means less worries about renewal date. And it means reduced changes of a renewal email. To know more about Godaddy renewal, click here

(3) Add the Promo Code in Your Shopping Cart.
When you do get to the shopping cart, you’ll see a box where you can enter the code. It’ll be under the shopping cart.

Add in the code, then click “Apply.” After that, the discount should go into effect.

And if the discount doesn’t work, you can try other codes until you receive the maximum possible discount effects.

40% Off GoDaddy Discount Domain Club Offers 0

Our services will personally test all renewal codes for GoDaddy, ensuring you the best selections. This allows you to minimize costs by up to 78%!

Your best option for reducing costs with GoDaddy renewal codes is…  By signing up to GoDaddy’s “Discount Domain” club with the help of Godaddy promo codes easily available on

You see, GoDaddy has already eliminated all normal renewal promo codes. But, you’ll still get awesome discounts, if you sign up to the “Discount Domain” club.

You’ll get to save a lot, especially if you’re running a lot of domain names (20+ specifically). Also, your domain extensions do determine additional benefits you’ll get.

We know that affordability is important for you. And we respect that. As such, we take the time to test coupon codes on websites, verifying and informing you of the best.

We work hard to find and publish the best promo codes on the market. And we try to save your valuable time, which is best spent managing your domains!


GoDaddy has removed many of their promo renewal codes from the market. This has resulted in a lot of website owners abandoning GoDaddy. It is estimated that over 200,000 domains were lost in just 60 days!

Regardless, there are some coupons (renewals and all-purpose) that work. And it’s our job to find those for you.

We’ll do our best to provide you the best promo codes, even after GoDaddy’s unfortunate decision. If you’re in a situation where you don’t want to pay more for hosting, let us help you out of the problem!

About GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the largest companies in the web hosting and domain industry. And it has been around for ages. In fact, this makes it an establishment company, with quite a lot of controversy.

The controversy mainly comes as a result from its advertising style, and the behavior of Bob Parsons, GoDaddy’s former CEO. Regardless, in 2005, the company become the world’s biggest ICANN-accredited domain registrar. And it outperforms the old Network Solutions, which was the only method to register a domain decades ago. Or specifically, back up to 2001.

But with GoDaddy, you get upgraded services, such email packages, website building, and even dedicated and private servers!

Additionally, GoDaddy’s largest data center is located in Phoenix, Arizona. And it’s close to 270,000 sq. ft. in size! But that doesn’t mean that smaller data centers are neglected. All of GoDaddy’s data centers operate with fiber optics, transmitting network speeds of up to 20 GB/s!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) On Godaddy Renewal 0

Here we have listed some of the FAQs on Godaddy Renewal:

When Renewing My Domain – How Long Should I Renew For?

When renewing your domain, you can renew from 1 year to 5 years in length. If you find an excellent promo code to use, we highly recommend a long extension, to get maximum benefits. This would be the 5 year option.

And do note that 5 years is the longest time you can renew a domain name.

Are Renewal Length and SEO related?

Nope. According to Matt Cutts from Google, the length of your domain renewal has nothing to do with your search engine results.

Regardless, there is a circulating incorrect belief that domain renewal length affects SEO. And this is because longer renewals are assumed to be high quality websites, which aren’t spam in the content they create and release.

So if you’re operating on a budget, it’s OK to renew for shorter periods of time.

My Domain Has Recently Expired. Is it Still Renewable?

We did some research on GoDaddy’s “domain retrieval rules.” And there’s the good and bad for expired domain names, which we’ll explain to you here. To start, if your “auto-renew” feature is switched and your domain expires, you have 18 days to renew the domain. And you can do that renewal without paying extra costs.

After the 18 days, you have an extra 26 to renew. And if you do so during the next 26 days days, you’ll pay a whopping redemption cost of $80. After the 42nd day is over, your domain will be publicly auctioned, where the market will compete to get your domain name. This is unfortunately a risky position to be in, since you’ll possibly bid high just to get your domain name again. So you’re basically competing with the rest of the internet to get back your domain name.

Can I Transfer My Domain Name After Expiration?

Yes you can, and this is possible and regulated by ICANN. Even after expiration, you can switch the registrars of your domain name. This makes maintaining a domain after expiration quite affordable. It means you don’t need to pay for a renewal at your old registrar, before switching to your newly chosen service.

Should I Renew 1 Domain or Multiple Domains at the Same Time?

This depends. A lot of GoDaddy codes provide additional percentage discounts for multiple renewals. This is done through a “minimum purchase system,” where the more domains you renew, the less you pay per domain. And this feature also extends to other services, such as website building and hosting.

Thus, you’ll want to renew a lot of domains at the same time, to maximize the use of your promo codes. So be sure to renew as soon as you can, or else you’ll end up paying a huge amount in redemption fees.

When Renewing My Domain – Can I switch from WWW to no-WWW?

Yes. But you don’t need to wait for renewal to do that. This is a change you can do at any time.

Simple go to “Domain Manager,” then click on “Manage DNS.” There, you’ll see a “CNAME record” as you scroll down the package. Make sure that your WWW is pointing to “@.” This’ll make both versions of your URL work well.

Someone Got My Domain Through an Auction. Can I Still Retrieve It?

You can, but you’re going to be in a bad spot.

When retrieving your lost domain from a new owner, you have no control. The new owner of your lost domain has the power to give it back, or to keep it to themselves. So your only solution in that case is to negotiate, and hope for the best.

You can find the new owner’s information and contact them using the WHOIS database. If you’re lucky, they may be kind enough to return the domain for a compensation. If not, they may ask for money (to profit from the domain), or they may simply refuse your request.

Regardless, you should never end up in a situation where you’ve lost your domain name. Make sure you always renew your domain before expiration.