7 Interesting Facts You Should Know About GoDaddy

  1.  GoDaddy is one of the world’s biggest registrar for domains. It hosts 57+ million domains, making it the biggest web host in the world.
  2. GoDaddy is publicly traded. Thus, you can actually buy GoDaddy shares and stocks at a broker.
  3. This company was going to release commercials, with Danica Patrick pranking Tony Stewart. Unfortunately, those advertisements discontinued as a result of a recent problems. You should probably be able to find some scenes of the advertisement online.
  4. GoDaddy was sued by the studio which filmed “The Expendables 3.” This was a result of the movie’s leak online, causing the studio massive financial losses in the box office. The studio believed GoDaddy helped the leakers of the film in their copyright infringement.
  5. The owner of the shutdown seclists.org started a website to troll GoDaddy. The troll website was called NoDaddy.com, catering to people who hated the company. Eventually, GoDaddy bought the website, and deleted it.
  6. Unfortunately, GoDaddy does not provide Chinese domain name extensions (.cn). They did so due to the large quantities of information required for a website qualification.
  7. This company was originally destined for an IPO in 2006. But the application was withdrawn by Bob Parsons back then, for reasons we don’t currently know.

GoDaddy’s Online Presence

GoDaddy’s reputation is mixed. Some love it, and other people hate their existence. Regardless, their existence makes the purchase and ownership of domains a cakewalk. You don’t have to pay much, and with the existence of coupons, you should be a happy customer.

For more information on GoDaddy, you can always…

• Follow them on Twitter. They provide useful information and links to articles on running an online business.
• Follow them on Facebook. There, you’ll get web tools and free webinars to assist you.
• Check them out on Wikipedia. There, you’ll find all the information you need on the company!


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